I Am a Woman Complete Package + Practicing Kindness DVD Series



I Am a Woman: Complete Package

I AM A WOMAN: Creative, Sacred, Invincible is an amazing collection of lectures spanning the 25 years of Yogi Bhajan?s teachings for women, and includes topics such as beaming and creating your life, the radiance of the woman, woman as her own psychologist, communication and relationships, sexuality and vitality, and so much more. Stories from women who have lived these teachings illuminate the text. Look for stories about the loss of a child, the experience of mantra, and the transformative journey of self-discipline. In combination with the companion volume, I AM A WOMAN: Essential Kriyas for Women in the Aquarian Age, and the DVD Series I AM A WOMAN: Practicing Kindness, I AM A WOMAN provides the essential teachings for women of the Aquarian Age?so that you can master your Self and fulfill your life?s destiny.

The Complete I AM A WOMAN Package includes the following:

I AM A WOMAN: Creative, Sacred, Invincible. 300 pages. Paperback Book
I AM A WOMAN Yoga Manual
I Am a Woman DVD 5 pack – 5 Volume Set

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