Foundation Series – 7 DVD Set



The Kundalini Research Institute presents the Foundations Series, lectures chosen to give you a firm foundation and immerse you in the core principles and philosophies of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan?

From the beginning student to the advanced yoga practitioner, these lectures, kriyas and meditations invite you to explore the roots of Kundalini Yoga and the life of a Teacher. Chosen specifically for KRIs International Teacher Training Level One-Foundations, these lectures awaken the human psyche and cultivate the consciousness of a teacher.

Explore the You within you?today!

“There is no fulfillment in the mind of a person who does not know how to surrender. That’s your problem. Instead of surrendering, you do a very powerful compensatory process-emotional compensation-which takes you through hell. Is there any chance you can be you? But once you surrender, the karma surrenders with it; and once the karma surrenders, you are free. Then you can adopt Dharma. And the moment you are in Dharma and Dharma is your priority, you will never be subject to karma. You are free, you are liberated, you are fine. You are yourself, and then you enjoy yourself. You say what you feel, you do what you feel, you are an elevated self.” ?Yogi Bhajan

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