Everyday Grace: The Art of Being a Woman



Everyday grace must be your
reality—your norm. —Yogi Bhajan

Every woman has within her an inner grace—an everyday grace. Combining personal
experiences with the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, Everyday Grace explores a woman’s
path toward her highest identity—the Grace of God—with an authentic,
contemporary voice. Sometimes humorous, sometimes edgy, Sat Purkh brings these
ancient teachings to life, making them more approachable to the modern woman’s

Praise for Everyday Grace:

Page through this sample chapter, The Art of Living:
Aging Gracefully,

“Everyday Grace is an inspirational exploration of being a woman and a
witness to a dynamic woman’s personal awakenings. The Grace Notes are
valuable tools that provide ways for women to embrace grace, courage,
strength and divinity—anytime, anywhere.”

–Bhajan Kaur, CEO, 3HO

This book is filled with wise and
practical insights for cultivating inner grace. Turn to any page and you will
find an exercise or a lesson in how we can become more mindful and in tune with
our own inner light. For those whose everday lives feel increasingly out of
balance, the lessons here offer a path back to equanimity; a reminder that peace
and harmony is an inside job.”

–Jodi O’Brien,
Professor of Sociology, Seattle University

“Everday Grace is a perfect companion
to any women’s yoga course. I only wish Sat Purkh had been around to translate
these teachings thirty hears ago!”

–Sarb Jit Kaur,
Aquarian Trainer Academy

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