Everyday Excellence & Meditative Mastery Bundle


Take advantage of this special deal to develop your relationship with yourself, learn to locate your meditative point, and deepen your discipline to manifest your true Self.

Get a physical copy of the new Mastery of the True Self
+ Sadhana Singh’s Everyday Excellence
+ on a webinar with the author Mastery: Locate the Meditative Point in You


About Mastery of the True Self – The Discipline of Love through Sadhana, Aradhana & Prabhupati
by Sadhana Singh

Human life needs a myriad of things to manifest itself in its full potential. In Mastery of the True Self – The Discipline of Love through Sadhana, Aradhana & Prabhupati, you will learn how discipline can support you in your journey of self-manifestation and self-realization as a unique human being. Thus, the discipline is presented here as a tool for self-evaluation, self-acceptance, and self-projection. A tool that can produce substantial, predictable, and repeatable changes in your physiological systems and in your consciousness. Learning to view yourself under the lens of discipline helps you to unveil those things that keep you from being truly who you are and living a conscious, healthy, and happy life. 


About Everyday Excellence – The Art of Success
by Sadhana Singh

In this book, you are going to learn that the art of excellence is discovering who we are and having the courage to manifest it. To excel is to be out of the ordinary. That’s when you are extraordinary. Excellence is a basic skill inherent in every human being. It is a constant attitude of rising above the pressures and constraints of time and space, so that the mind may tune into the soul’s frequency.


About the webinar Mastery: Locate the Meditative Point in You
with Sadhana Singh

The methodological progression of the self is a process of mastering your Neutral Intuitive Applied Mind. Neutrality is the essence of intuition and gives us domain in which you can be you; complete and competent. By reconnecting to the meditative one pointedness in you despite any circumstances, you can be and dwell in your “Thoughtless Mind” which is the pure identity and can move the universal mind to work for you as a gift.

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