Blessings – The Power of Prayer


This powerful book of blessings and prayers, shared by Yogi Bhajan, provides daily inspirations and guidance for all people of spirit. Read and feel these blessings! They are uplifting, timeless, and universal.

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Back in the day, Yogi Bhajan used to close every class with his palms together and offer a prayer or blessing. Many of these beautiful and inspiring prayers are collected in Blessings – the Power of Prayer, a powerful book of uplifting, timeless, and universal blessings, affirmations and prayers.

It provides daily inspirations and guidance for all people of spirit. Yogi Bhajan gave these inspirational blessings and prayers as a prelude to the heart-centered bow to one’s own higher self, which was done at the end of every Kundalini Yoga class. The prayers are spoken from the heart and are simple and spontaneous. You can read one per day as a daily inspiration. If you are a Yoga teacher, this Blessings – the Power of Prayer provides a wealth of blessings organized in topics that you can match to your class. They are truly a source of support and inspiration for anyone at any time.

Yogi Bhajan was a teacher, visionary, leader, and pioneer in many fields. His deep and compassionate insight into the human condition inspired thousands. He established many spiritual and yoga institutions, like KRI, 3HO, and Sikh Dharma International.

Publisher: Kundalini Research Institute
Based on the Kundalini Yoga Teachings of Yogi Bhajan
Publication Date: June 1, 2017
Language: English
Paperback: 112 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1940837307
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